Dear Friends of Sika,

Sika takes a long-term perspective on the development of its business and acts with responsibility towards all stakeholders. We are proud of our sustainability achievements and the fact that we have delivered more value to our stakeholders
with less impact on the environment.

Strategy provides direction, people deliver on results

Sika’s sustainability strategy has proved its worth: with an increase in energy efficiency of approximately 15% during 2014 and 2015 in comparison to 2013, Sika is well on track. water consumption per ton sold has been reduced in the same period by 43% to 0.41 cubic meters. Investments in various energy and water efficiency projects at its plants worldwide paid out. And since 2013, the amount of waste has been reduced overall by 3.3%. the number of occupational accidents leading to lost work time of more than one day showed a year-on-year decrease of approximately 10%.

Sustainability permeates our whole organization. In this context we are proud to have a large number of long-serving employees. Sika regards internal and external training courses as key development tools for its more than 17,000 employees. in 2015, the company spent approximately CHF 11.1 million on staff development. we provide at least ten hours training per year for each employee. in 2015, this figure stood at 11.9 hours.

More value for all stakeholders

Through its products, systems, and solutions, Sika seeks to generate benefits for stakeholders that far outweigh the negative consequences of the production process and resource consumption. Both the right strategy and the trust as well as the dedication of all employees are pillars of Sika’s success. The Sika journey to global leadership is founded on the company's entrepreneurial philosophy and the Sika Spirit, which is a synonym for the strong set of five values and principles which makes up the DNA and culture of the company: Customer First, Courage for Innovation, Sustainability & Integrity, Empowerment & Respect, and Manage for Results.

Sustainability has always been part of our identity. we are committed to continuously measure, improve, report, and communicate sustainable value creation. “More value – less impact” refers to Sika’s commitment to maximize the value of our solutions and contributions for present and future generations.

Ethical Standards

Sika enhances social and economic progress in all countries and communities it operates in. Through the Romuald Burkard Foundation Sika is actively supporting social projects in local communities. As a member of the UN Global Compact the company is committed to global sustainable development. Sika does not compromise on integrity and apply high ethical standards to its work. Sika’s “Code of Conduct” defines the standards and rules of behavior for the company and all its employees.