At Sika we are convinced, that proper employee training, development and education paves the way for increased quality, efficiency and commitment. Seminars, workshops and training come in a reasonable variety, both in-house and externally, in-person and online.

Colleges, universities and other academic institutions like the IMD, Lausanne, provide first-rate quality. E-learning programs lead to knowledge customized to the individual responsibilities. The "umbrella" for Sika's strategic training and development activities is the Sika Business School. This institution combines both centrally, regionally and locally organized activities.

In this context Sika human resources management recognizes, monitors and continuously improves the performance ability of all employees as they make the difference in our business. Performance and Talent Management is a structured approach to manage, lead and develop our people in order to increase business performance, identify future management potential and develop key talents for Sika.

Last but not least, this approach will enable the organization to implement its strategies and achieve its overall business goals. There is no doubt that our people and particularly our talents are Sika's more valuable assets for the future.