Our conduct vis-à-vis customers, suppliers, competitors, authorities and the public is governed by high ethical standards. We act in compliance with the laws and regulations including international labor laws and competition regulations. Independent on country laws we apply the following minimum Sika standards.

  • We do not compromise on integrity
  • Our conduct in the market is performance-oriented and fair. We will not cooperate with competitors on prices, quantities or markets. We will not abuse a dominant position. Statements about competitors are true and objective.
  • We do not engage in either active or passive corruption.
  • We apply state of the art safety standards for our production and solutions meet such standards during their whole life cycle.
  • We apply state of the art labor protection and remuneration standards for our employees meeting the principles of UN human rights and international labor laws.
  • We will implement measures to ensure the compliance with these policies.

In case of acquisitions or in case of "bad practices" we insist on full disclosure of critical practices by the local management to the dedicated corporate organization.