Sikafloor® Marine Deco Comfort benzersiz, konforlu, çok elastik ve son derece dekoratif bir poliüretan reçine zemindir. Bu zemin kaplama sistemi hem kuru hem de ıslak alanlarda mükemmel tutunma sağlar.

Decorative Comfort floors for an Aesthetic Finish an Pleasant Space

Sikafloor® Marine Internal Decorative Comfort Floors

Decorative comfort systems are based on elastic, soft and aesthetic PU resins to create a pleasant space in interior areas of the ship such as cabins, gyms, casinos, etc. The Sikafloor® Marine-530 is more focused on providing greater comfort while the Sikafloor® Marine-570 is more suitable for areas under mechanical loads.

Decorative comfort floors are available in an unlimited range of colors and thanks to the Sikafloor® Marine-504 and Sikafloor® Marine-505 top coats the surface finish can be modified, changing the brightness, color or turning the surface into anti-slip. All products are IMO certified.

Comfort floor applied in a ship interior

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