Esneklik ve kalıcılık, sürekli olarak UV ışığına, rüzgar ve dalgalara maruz kalan tekne ve gemilerin inşası ve onarımında anahtar kelimelerdir. Sika tarafından Marin sektörü için özel olarak geliştirilen elastik yapıştırıcı ve sızdırmazlık sistemleri gerektiğinde olağanüstü performans sunar.

Modelling, Teak Decking, Glass Bonding and Sealing of Leisure Boats and Yachts

Sika is a world leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of a complete range of acoustic adhesives, sealants and flooring for the shipbuilding industry. Recognized as experts by the world of yachting, shipyards and boat owners call on Sika or Sikaflex® when they are looking for an efficient product for the construction, repair or maintenance of their boats.

In the early 1980’s Sika discovered the teak caulking application as a potential market. By then, the application was executed with a two component polysulfide material. The product and application showed issues during the mixing procedure as air was included by applying the product and whereby later bubbles became visible.

The one-component Sikaflex®, elastic polyurethane, made the process easier, faster and cleaner. Nowadays, Sikaflex® is the global reference for teak deck caulking.

Teak deck application on the deck of a ship
World leader in marine glazing systems for superyachts and sailing boats with over 50,000m2 glass bonding adhesive used in 1 year
Over 400,000m2 of teak deck has been caulked wit Sikaflex® 290 DC PRO in one year

Marine Applications