New York, USA

Erected in 1930-1931, the Empire State Building ranks among New York‘s most heavily frequented buildings, attracting some 4 million visitors each year. As an architectural monument of global standing, it merits particularly careful maintenance. As a result, roughly half a billion US dollars have been spent in recent years on its ongoing renovation and transformation into the city‘s most eco-friendly building. The overhaul is set to achieve energy savings in the order of 38%. Hence, the comprehensive, holistic refurbishment is not only designed to preserve a piece of the city‘s architectural and cultural heritage, but to lay the foundations for sustainable economic and ecological gains.

Project Construction Manager: Johnson Controls

Contractors: Alpen High Performance Products (Serious Energy), Kilroy Metal Products, Skyline Windows

Sika Products: SikaGlaze® IG-4429 HM, Sikasil® WS-200 MJS, Sikasil® WS-295